Clear Geometry – College Project


/Design Project 2017/1

My project was inspired by my interest in asian street culture. Putting emphasis on neon lights, colours and structures, it is something that has interested me for a long time.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

My group project inspired the colour scheme and prints I wanted to use for the design. These photos were made with long exposure shots using a phone flashlight. My group and I took shots of a ballerina to display how light can show movement. The results really matched with my theme.


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Obscurity – A Photography Project


How does light effect the way we see the body? – a photography project I’ve been busy with for the past couple of weeks. Looking at the way light makes us look differently at things, how it obscures our vision and prompts us see things that we wouldn’t have before. These photos have been taken using long exposure and neon flashlights.



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Fashion we should be bringing back from the 2000s


So, according to various creative minds of runway genius, we are bringing back the 2000s! A mash-up of camouflage cargo pants, flip-flops, sporty crop tops and bucket hats. A general confusing mess of a year. Although I do accept that the designers know what they’re doing (this time), here is the fashion that I think we should be bringing back:


Chunky Knits


Cropped denim jackets

Metalics20001Futuristic influences and metallics

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